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The term “stainless steel” is applied to the steel
grades with enhanced corrosion resistance in
comparison to normal alloy steels.
The stainless steels are iron alloys containing minimum 11% of chromium. Excellent anticorrosion
properties are owed to surface layer of chromium
oxides, which is very durable.
The anticorrosion properties are maintained in
case of mechanical or chemical damage to the
steel surface. 
Austenitic - it has very good anticorrosion properties
with carbon content of approximately 0.02%. It is used
in the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical
Martensitic - posses the highest mechanical strength of
all steel types. It Is heat treatable, it has magnetic properties
and high carbon content (about 0.3%).
Austenitic-ferritic - this type of steel is melted in the
duplex process. This type of steel has good anticorrosion
properties and high crack resistance. It is however magnetic
steel, not suitable for plumbing components
All floor drains and rodding eyes are made from
stainless steel V2A (AISI 304) or V4A (AISI 316).
The floor drain type depends on the load, amount of drained water and structural parameters (i.e. the floor thickness).
The floor drains are made of 1,5-2 [mm] steel sheets.
All components are welded in argon shield to ensure high quality of joints.
- selected according to application and load,
- easy installation,
- due to suitable trap design, each gully is also the sewer rodding eye,
- simple design,
- easy to clean.
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