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D400 Loading
Rio Circular D400 Cover and Frame
Mod. R-1 Cosmos, R-1 Cosmos LKD, R-100 Estate.
D-400 EN-124

The entire cover and frame hinge open. 
The lid opens to 140 º 
The lid can be removed from opening under 90 degrees and pulling straight up. 
Model                     Loading                Base                    Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                 Height                 
MH-D-OHIO            D400                   Circular                600 diameter                     855 diameter                   100mm  
Rio Round Cover Square Frame
Mod. R-2
D-400 EN-124

Breaking load 40 t 
Close "elastic click." 
Hinged lid and articulate.
 Aperture type "Oyster" with spring closure flexure by clicking. 
Safety lock with the lid open. 
Neoprene Seal for  soundproofing. 
Model                 Loading                Base                    Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                 Height                 
MH-D-OHIO-LKD   D400                   Circular                600 diameter                     855 diameter                   100mm
MH-D-OHIO        D400                  Square                600 Diameter                    820 x 820 Square            100mm

​MH-D-R2-LKD    D400                  Square                600 Diameter Locked        820 x 820 Square            100mm 
MH-D-VEGAS         D400                  Circular                600 diameter                     855 diameter                   100mm
D400 Loading
Model                 Loading                Base                    Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                 Height                 
MH-D-D91          D400                   Circular                600 diameter                    850 diameter                   100mm
D-400 EN-124

Breaking load 40 t 
With 3 screws.
Lid and frame hold back water, supporting pressure of up to 1 bar.
The frame has a polythene inner border for its perfect isolation.
 Hermetic lock with three stainless steel screws. 
D400 Loading
Moscow Double Tri D400 Non ROCK Cover and Frame


• Material - Ductile Iron Cover and Frame
• Double Triangular covers loosely connected for non-rock performance
• Unique seating to limit lateral movement and wear
• Sealed keyholes
• Filled flange

*Optional Extra: Badging, Locking, Safety Grids and Security Plate

Model                 Loading              Base                     Clear Opening                    Overall Frame               Height                 
MH-D-6767           D400               Square                      675 x 675                      720 x 720 Square          100mm
MH-D-6060          D400               Square                       600 x 600                      720 x 720 Square          100mm
MH-D-6060-15     D400               Square                      600 x 600                       750 x 750 Square          150mm
MH-D-7575          D400               Square                      750 x 750                       904 x 904 Square           100mm

MH-D-9060          D400               Square                      900 x 600                       1054 x 754 Square         100mm

MH-D-12067        D400               Square                      1200 x 675                     1374 x 850 Square         100mm

MH-D-9090          D400               Square                      900 x 900                       1050 x 1050 Square       100mm      
D400 Loading
Model                            Loading                Base                    Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                 Height                 
MH-D-T75-90                D400                  Square                   900 x 750mm                    1100 x 910mm              100mm
MH-D-T75-214              D400                  Square                  2140 x 750mm                   2275 x 950mm              100mm
MH-D-T76-120             D400                   Square                  1200 x 760mm                   1330 x 960mm              100mm
MH-D-T80-70               D400                   Square                   800 x 700mm                     1000 x 830mm              100mm
​Toronto T Range EN124 Hinged & Locked D400 Cover & Frame


• Ductile Iron Cover and Frame
• 3rd Party Certified to BS EN 124 D400 Loading (Copy
available on request)

• Hinged Triangular cover & frame open at 110º and 90º
can be safely removable from the frame.

• The cover is locked with a stainless steel lock, operable
using a special shaped key which guarantees safety and
prevents the opening of the manhole covers by unauthorised

• The key becomes a comfortable handle for opening and
closing the cover.

• Black Bitumen Coated

Optional Extra: Badging
D400 Loading
Model                 Loading           Base                   Clear Opening                 Overall Frame                 Height                 
MH-D-3030          D400             Square                  300 x 300                          400 x 400                       100mm
MH-D-4040          D400             Square                  400 x 400                          500 x 500                      100mm 
MH-D-5050          D400             Square                  500 x 500                          600 x 600                       100mm
MH-D-6060          D400             Square                  600 x 600                          700 x 700                      100mm
Derry Square D400 Cover and Frame
Mod. D-15 D-400, D-16 D-400, D-17 D-400, D-18 D-400, D-19 D-400, D-19/1 D-400, D-19/2 D-400, D-19/3 D-400, D-19/4 D-400

Breaking load 40.0 t 
Square covers and frames.
 Cover and frame, chest squared sidewalk. 
Support Framework as "U" and the rest under the cover forms a water seal. 

MH-D-6868           D400             Square                  683 x 683                          800 x 800                       100mm
MH-D-7878           D400             Square                  783 x 783                          900 x 900                       100mm 
MH-D-9090           D400             Square                  900 x 900                         1005 x 1005                    100mm
MH-D-9898           D400             Square                  986 x 986                         1102 x 1102                    100mm
MH-D-108108       D400             Square                 1080 x 1080                     1200 x 1200                    100mm
D-400 Critical load 40 t (Carriageways of roads (including pedestrian streets), hard shoulders and parking areas, for all typesof road vehicles..)
Warsaw D400 Waterworks Cover & Frame
Mod. 445280HYD, 445280WM, 445280AV, 445280SV, 
To Irish Water Spec BS5834 Grade A

Breaking load 40t.
Ductile Iron cover and frame
Can be Badged Fire Hydrant, Water Meter, AIr Valve, SV
Double triangular covers loosely connected for non-rock performance
Model                             Loading                       Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                     Height
MH-WW-D-4428             D400                             445 x 280                          530 x 380                           100
MH-D-T60-60                D400                  Square                  600 x 600mm                     800 x 730mm                100mm
MH-D-T60-120              D400                  Square                  1200 x 600mm                   1400 x 800mm              100mm
MH-D-T90-60               D400                   Square                   900 x 600mm                     1030 x 800mm              100mm
MH-D-T90-90               D400                    Square                  900 x 900mm                     1030 x 1100mm            100mm
MH-D-T106-70             D400                    Square                  1060 x 700mm                    1190 x 900mm              100mm
100mm High
150mm High
B125 Cover and Frame
C250 & D400 Grating and Frame
D400 Cover and Frame
E600 & F900 Cover and Frame
Drainage Channel
Access Chamber and Pole Boxes
Assist Lift Cover and Frame
Recessed Covers and Frame
Side inlet Gullies
Ground Protection System
Watertight Covers and Frame
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