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Kerb Gully
Mod. D-34

Grate and curb swallow hinged lid. 
Cota full bore with open grate and cover 470x470mm. 
Locking system.
Model                 Loading                Locking             Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                 Height                 
D34KERB            C250                   Locked                 470 x 470                          547 x 500                      205
ANDORRA Kerb Gully Cover and Frame
Mod. D-32
C-250 EN-124

Material - ductile iron, Solid Top Circular Cover EN124 - Class B125, Rectangular Frame EN124 - Class C250, Waterway 520 cm2, 610 Diameter Clear Opening - 40mm Depth, The front of the frame may suit the shape of standard existing kerbways
Model                 Loading                Locking             Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                 Height                 
MH-SE-AND         C250                 Not Locked          610 Diameter                    800 x 800                        200
Bocca XL Kerb Gully Cover and Frame
Mod. Bocca XL
C-250 EN-124

It is made as a single casting, which facilitates installation and reduces unit load on the supporting wall. It is particularly tall, which means it can be used in any type of pavement. There are thin bars on the front which allow the reception of water and avoid the introduction of any rubbish (stones, leaves and cans) and the intrusion of rats. The back part is concave in shape, which facilitates the channelling and efficient flow of water. The upper side, which can be walked on, presents anti slip grips and a hole which guarantees the flow of water, even in case of obstruction on the street side, thereby avoiding any eventual flooding. The new pavement inlet solves all the problems of highway drainage thanks to drains gratings: for example, when the vertical grating is blocked due to the presence of rubbish, leaves or other, when the asphalt embankment tends to reduce the rise of the pavement, or in case of accidental alterations of the road section. This model, which is completely unique, facilitates any action of workmen to free the inlet from surface obstructions. It is conceived for installation with the rectangular manhole cover CHC5070 for pavement inspection.
Model                 Loading                Length                          Width                          Height                 
Bocca XL            C250                   645mm                        250mm                        250mm
SPAIN Side inlet Kerb Gully
Mod. D-33
D400 EN-124-2

Material – Ductile Iron
Locked Cover
Front Section designed to suit Kerb profile
Dirt Bucket available on Request

Model                                     Loading                Locking             Clear Opening                  Overall Frame      Height                 
MH-KG-BOCCAKERB           D400                     Locked              532 x 405mm                   500 x 496             205mm
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