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KIO is produced in compliance with the EN 124-1, EN 124-5 standards. In load testing, when deliberately stressed KIO lids
will return to their initial shape and form. The same tests with extreme load show that instead cast-iron of covers break,
whereas KIO products will move but do not fail, and continue to function effectively.


Kio composite covers are 70% lighter than European made cast covers. Thanks to their low weight they are easy to handle and to install, which means cost savings in both labour and plant, in addition to potential reductions in injuries during Installation and maintenance. The low weight also reflects into a considerable reduction in transport costs.


Kinext™ is resistant to chemicals and is not subject to rust and corrosion caused by constant exposure to atmospheric agents. For this reason KIO never needs to be re-painted, and products are particularly suitable in areas with flammable liquids such as fuel filling stations and storage plants, significantly reducing the risk of ignition from sparks over ferrous materials.


CO2 emissions during the manufacturing and installation of KIO have been tested, allowing us to be certified in compliance with ISO TS 14067.

There are two key features supporting manhole covers in composite material compared to cast iron: - lower energy consumption thanks to the temperature for the manufacture (70° for KIO manhole cover compared with 1200° for cast iron manhole cover). - lower transport impact thanks to the reduced weight (it is possible to load a quantity of KIO manhole covers three times higher than cast iron manhole covers). 


The value of scrap iron is rising and the number of thefts is impacting on costs to public authorities and service companies. We read daily reports of covers being stolen to be sold and recycled for scrap, and besides the economic impact caused by the theft of products, there is also the risk of serious accidents and injuries caused by dangerous openings on the road. Kio products have no scrap value. 
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