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Premium Access System

Features and benefits

Manufactured in High Density Polyethylene
High Chemical Resistance
High Impact Resistance
Rotationally moulded on cast aluminium tooling
Approved by many Local Authorities and Utility
Depth 320mm
Trepanned holes take all electricity and utility size
duct e.g. 63mm, 90mm, 110mm, 120mm, 145mm
and 160mm
Easy to stack and install
Wide internal flange within the chamber enables the frame to fit straight onto the box, therefore direct loading is transferred evenly
Very versatile and suitable for most ducting applications

MHCI Access Chamber Installation
Premium Access System

Excavate the required specified location, to the depth of appropriate number of chambers required, (maximum 3 chambers), plus additional 40mm for depth of base. Install chamber centrally within the specified trench/location. Base of excavated area to be well compacted granular material or concrete slab is preferred. Drainage runs within the slab are required to allow excess water to drain freely from the constructed chamber. Before duct connection takes place, the trepanned holes located on each chamber will require cutting out to specified diameter. MHCI Access Chambers take from 63mm to 160mm OD duct pipes.

Allow minimum of 150mm surrounding the chamber for solid concrete support, which should be of a semi-dry workable mixture. Ensure concrete fill is evenly distributed around the chamber and level with the top surface. Concrete the frame in at the appropriate height.

Chamber Sizes

Chambers will be specified as AC / 1 / Lengths

Size*********************** Item Code
300 x 300 x 320.............MH-CH-EL3045-32-COM
300 x 450 x 320.............MH-CH-EL3045-32-COM
450 x 450 x 320.............MH-CH-EL4545-32-COM
300 x 600 x 320.............MH-CH-EL3045-32-COM
450 x 600 x 320.............MH-CH-EL6045-32-COM
600 x 600 x 320.............MH-CH-EL6060-32-COM


1. The chamber shall be of solid construction of single, double or triple height pre-formed sections
(Triple shown) and prevent distortion during back-fill process.
2. The chamber will meet the Highway Regulations of minimum duct cover in both footways and road verges.
3. The chamber shall have pretrepanned cut outs areas to accept 63mm OD - 160mm OD duct except
900 x 450 which accepts 63mm - 120mm.
4. The chamber is manufactured in rotational moulding high density polyethylene material
5. The chamber shall have a C15/ST3 concrete base and surround, 150mm surround and 150mm base
bedded on a 100 mm Type 1 sub base or concrete slab with a 50mm drain hole (base to be constructed
first and have a smooth floated finish)
6. For traffic signal/street lighting applications the covers are non-ferrous composite material and fit closely within a galvanised steel frame. The cover and frame will meet the loading requirements of BS EN 124 Class 125. The cover is black in colour and marked Naylor Drainage and the legend ‘‘Traffic
Signals’’ or ‘‘Street Lighting’’ and have integral lifting keyholes. The cover has an integral anti-skid pattern on the upper surface. The frame must also be supported on the concrete surround of the
chamber on a bed of mortar
MHCI Pole Box

Metro Pole Box System
Features and benefits
Protects cables
Easy access
Moulded Clamp holds pole securely
Suitable for 63mm - 120mm OD duct

1. The pole box shall be of one-piece, structured wall design and rotationally moulded in high density polyethylene.
2. The pole box shall be either 450 x 450mm or 295 x 275 x 500mm in size with an integral housing for 115 mm pole.
3. Each point of entry shall have 63 to 120 mm pre-trepanned cut-outs.
4. The depth of the box is 500 mm.

Stand on a well compacted bedding or concrete slab.
Drainage runs situated within the slab are required to allow excess water to drain away from the constructed chamber.
115mm Traffic Pole is located within the pre-formed Polyethylene clamp which is located on the Pole Box. 
A minimum of 150mm concrete surround is required to support the chamber when the chamber is fully connected to the traffic pole. 
Ensure concrete fill is evenly distributed around the Pole Box and level with the top surface. Concrete the frame in at the appropriate level.

Product Reference PAC POLE 6 Code 69024
Nominal dimensions (mm) W275 L295 D500

Product Reference PAC POLE 1 Code 69025
Nominal dimensions (mm) W450 L450 D500

Manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastic – High Strength D400 Loading
Ecolite D400 Access Chamber
Recycled Plastic Chamber System
Ecolite is a modular inspection chamber system which is ideal for water utilities, including hydrants and service valves, and many other applications, including access and house inspection  chambers.

Able to sustain 40 tonnes loading (with 60 tonnes and 90 tonnes in some of the larger sizes).
Available sizes:

Ring height = 150mm

Lightweight yet very strong
Manufactured from polypropylene - durable, doesn’t leach and is free from BPA
Much less breakage than concrete Frostproof, Resistant to acids, alkalis, fats and oils
Drastically reduces need for mechanical lifting
Compatible with concrete chamber sections
Made in UK to ISO9001 Quality Standards
WILL NOT crack, shatter or break during transportation, storage or installation.
Product Ref                                 Clear Opening                 Depth                        Loading
MH-CH-151525                            150 x 150mm                 25mm                          D400
MH-CH-151550                            150 x 150mm                 50mm                          D400
MH-CH-1515150                          150 x 150mm                 150mm                        D400  
MH-CH-3823150                          380 x 230mm                 150mm                        D400
MH-CH-432825                            430 x 280mm                 25mm                          D400
MH-CH-432850                            430 x 280mm                 50mm                          D400
MH-CH-4328150                          430 x 280mm                 150mm                        D400
MH-CH-4545150                          450 x 450mm                 150mm                        D400
MH-CH-6045150                          600 x 450mm                 150mm                        D400
MH-CH-6060160                          600 x 600mm                 150mm                        D400
MH-CH-7560150                          750 x 600mm                 150mm                        D400
MH-CH-7575150                          750 x 750mm                 150mm                        D400
MH-CH-9060150                          900 x 600mm                 150mm                        D400
MH-CH-12060150                        1200 x 600mm               150mm                        D400
MH-CH-12067150                        1200 x 675mm               150mm                        D400
MH-CH-120120150                      1200 x 1200mm             150mm                        D400
Atlas Duct Access Chamber
Atlas Duct Access Chamber are preformed structural duct chambers designed specifically for any underground cable access application.
Chambers are manufactured to comply with NJUG standards and offer the following key advantages over traditional rotational moulded chamber liners;

 150mm deep sections for variable chamber depth
 No concrete surround required
 110mm duct entry knockouts as standard
 Able to accommodate other duct sizes
 100% Recyclable/Recycled material
 Easy push fit stackable construction
 Lightweight to comply with Manual handling regs
 One man lift for H & S requirements
Street Lighting – Traffic Signals – Telecommunications – CCTV – Rail Infrastructure
Atlas Duct Access Chamber sections act both as a duct entry and raising piece - No need to order separately.

Easily drilled on site to suit other duct sizes
* No concrete surround required for B125 applications

* Use with our Ductile Iron Cover and frame & “anti-slip” B125 composite covers

* Swift knockout duct entry

* Variable chamber depth to suit minimum depth to duct requirements

* Reduced costs and installation times

* For use as cable drawpits, access chambers, inspection pits and turning chambers

* Can also be used in block paved areas with a suitable frame
      Ref                                          Size                     Loading
MH-CH-B-303015            300x300x150mm                B125
MH-CH-B-453015            450x300x150mm                B125
MH-CH-B-454515            450x450x150mm                B125
MH-CH-B-604515            600x450x150mm                B125
MH-CH-B-606015            600x600x150mm                B125
MH-CH-B-904515            900x450x150mm                B125
MH-CH-B-754515            750x450x150mm                B125
MH-CH-B-906015            900x600x150mm                B125
MH-CH-B-909015            900x900x150mm                B125

High Strength Composite Duct Access Chamber System
Designed to be a quick-build alternative to concrete or brick built chambers, this high strength structural chamber is manufactured from recyclable durable polypropylene. EasyStack are 150mm deep ring sections that can simply be stacked on top of each other to the required depth to complete a totally load bearing chamber. The twin wall design incorporates internal support ribs which give the finished chamber its inherent strength.

* B125, D400 & F900 LOADINGS

The chamber system has been extensively and independently tested at Lloyds British PLC. These tests have concluded that the chamber design surpasses EN124 B125, D400 & F900 requirements for vertically applied loads. The clear openings available match EN124 access cover and frame dimensions allowing easy pairing of correct chamber to cover.

The twin wall design is 100mm thick providing a suitable bedding area for the access cover frame and subsequent transferral of loads through the chamber, in-line with Highways Agency requirements. The surface area on top of each section is also serrated in the corners for improved adhesion with resin mortars.
Clear Opening (MM)         B125 Loading              D400 Loading             Clear Opening (MM)               B125 Loading              D400 Loading
300 x 300                               Yes                           Yes                              900 x 450                                    Yes                            Yes
450 x 300                               Yes                           Yes                              900 x 600                                    Yes                            Yes
450 x 450                               Yes                           Yes                              900 x 900                                    Yes                            Yes
600 x 450                               Yes                           Yes                             1050 x 1050                                 Yes                            Yes
600 x 600                               Yes                           Yes                             1200 x 675                                   Yes                            Yes
675 x 675                               Yes                           Yes                             1200 x 750                                   Yes                            Yes
750 x 600                               Yes                           Yes                             1200 x 900                                   Yes                            Yes
750 x 675                               Yes                           Yes                             1200 x 1200                                 Yes                            Yes
750 x 750                               Yes                           Yes                             1300 x 850                                   Yes                            Yes
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Click on Image to Download Spec Sheet
Click on Image to Download Spec Sheet
Click on Image to Download Spec Sheet
Click on Image to Download Spec Sheet
EcoLite 1500 x 1500 Ope Chamber with 900 x 900 Concrete Slab
B125 Cover and Frame
C250 & D400 Grating and Frame
D400 Cover and Frame
E600 & F900 Cover and Frame
Drainage Channel
Access Chamber and Pole Boxes
Assist Lift Cover and Frame
Recessed Covers and Frame
Side inlet Gullies
Ground Protection System
Watertight Covers and Frame
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