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Shallow Doorway Drain with Galvanised or Stainless Steel Perforated Grataing
Shallow Drainage Channel with Plastic Mesh Grating
B125 and C250 Composite Grating with Plastic Channel
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Nice C250 Channel with B125 Galvanised Brickslot Top
Nice C250 Channel with C250 Galvanised Brickslot Top
E600 Polymor Channel with D400 Galvanised Brickslot
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Brickslot Channel drainage for decorative surface design
V100 Polymor Channel with E600 Grating
V100 Polymor Channel with F900 Grating
V150 Polymor Channel with D400 Grating
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Channel drainage for the load classes D400 to F900
Combined Kerb Drainage Channel
Full Batter
B125 Cover and Frame
C250 & D400 Grating and Frame
D400 Cover and Frame
E600 & F900 Cover and Frame
Drainage Channel
Access Chamber and Pole Boxes
Assist Lift Cover and Frame
Recessed Covers and Frame
Side inlet Gullies
Ground Protection System
Watertight Covers and Frame
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Stainless Steel Drainage
Kio Composite Manhole Covers
Half Batter
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Nice HDPE Channel with Galvanised B125 BrickSlot
Self Polymor Channel with B125 Black           Ductile Iron Grating
Self Polymor Channel with A15 Galvanised                                     Grating
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Drainage Channel for Domistic Use
UTube Slotted Drainage Channel
Twinslot D400 Top with 150mm Wide Channel Galvanised Edge Rail Channel
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Twinslot D400 HEEL SAFE Brickslot Top with 150mm Wide Polymor Concrete Drainage Channel with Galvanised Edge Rail.

Use in Galway Racecourse
The Doorway Drain is a lightweight, robust threshold drainage channel made from recycled polypropylene for Class A15 pedestrian applications such as domestic properties. The Doorway Drain simply slots in front of the building entrance without the need to modify the door-frame. Designed for doorways up to 1000mm, but multiple channels can be run together with quick and easy installation, as male and female parts simply click together. Manufactured from recycled polypropylene. The system can drain to a simple soakaway via the end caps if required eliminating the need for complex plumbing, however if a plumbed in option is required, the 110mm diameter vertical outlet connector allows the unit to link directly to underground drainage pipework from up to 8 vertical outlet points on the underside of each channel. High quality polypropylene threshold drainage channel, eliminates water ponding at house entrances Corrosion resistant with stainless steel or polypropylene HeelSafe grating, suitable for pedestrian traffic Channels clip together for quick and easy installation System CE marked and fully certified to Load Class A 15 BS EN 1433:2002
Brickslot Drainage Channel is a slot drain channel drainage system for domestic and commercial applications. The BrickSlot drain has a discrete and attractive 10mm slot built-in, offset to one side of the channel drain base so you can install Brickslot  Drainage adjacent to walls, doors and garages. The BrickSlot drainage has been designed to be compatible with slab and block paving up to 60 and 80mm deep so it’s perfect for garage thresholds, landscaping projects, patios and pathways. The efficiency of BrickSlot is not compromised by the small 10mm slot as the inlet is tapered to stop blockages and maintain waterflow. There’s also a debris guard on the ACO slot drain to prevent sand or cement entering during installation when you’re fitting units together. Fitting Brickslot Drain is so simple as the channels of slot drain just clip together with no other necessary fixings. Each brick slot drain channel is 1m in length but at the 500mm mark there’s a marking so installers know exactly where to cut. BrickSlot is strong and durable as well as aesthetically pleasing thanks to its discrete slot.