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A-15                        Zone of pedestrians, green cyclists or spaces.

B-125                      Critical load 12.5 t (Footways, pedestrian and comparable areas, car
                                parks or car parking decks..)

C-250                     Critical load 25 t (For gully tops installed in the area of kerbside
                               channels of roads (figure 1) which when measured
                               from the kerb edge, extend a maximum of 0,5m into the
                               carriageway and a maximum of 0,2m into the footway..)

D-400                     Critical load 40 t (Carriageways of roads (including pedestrian streets),
                               hard shoulders and parking areas, for all types
                               of road vehicles..)

E-600                     Critical load 60 t (Areas imposing high wheel loads, e.g. docks, aircraft

F-900                     Critical load 90 t (Areas imposing particularly high wheel loads, e.g.
                              aircraft pavements.).
Certified product 

At the request of the client and without position, we provided the certificate of quality and resistance, by means of the tests made in our press calibrated annually .

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