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B125 Loading
ESB VC Range B125 Covers and Frame
Mod. VC1, VC2, VC3

Material - ductile iron covers in a galvanised steel frame, Sealed keyholes, Two covers with removable trimmer bar, Locked, Earthing connection points on frame, Removable frame end bar to assist cable entry into minipillars, Warning markings and symbols on covers.
Amsterdam B125 Joint Box Cover and Frame
Mod. JB4, JB4A, JB4B, JB4C
B125 EN-124-2 2015

Material - ductile iron cover in a galvanised steel frame or Ductile Frame, Sealed keyholes, Locked
Customised cover markings available, e.g. company logo or local
authority crest, Available in multiple units also.
Model                                  Loading                           Clear Opening                  Overall Frame              Height                 
B125 Loading
Barcelona B125 Round Cover and Frame

EN124-2 2015 B125 Loading

Material - ductile iron cover and frame
Square Frame also available
B125 Loading
St. Peter's Square B125 Cover and Frame

B-125 EN-124-2 2015

Breaking load 12,5 t 
Square covers and frames.
Cover and frame, chest squared sidewalk. 
Support Framework as "U" and the rest under the cover forms a water seal. 
Model                 Loading                Base                    Clear Opening                  Overall Frame            Height
 MH-B-VC1           B125                    Square                 765 x 315                         970 x 600                  56mm
B-125 Critical load 12.5 t (Footways, pedestrian and comparable areas, car parks or car parking decks..)
MH-B-JB4-LKD                     B125                                900 x 440                         1110 x 640                   52
 MH-B-JB4A-LKD                 B125                                 960 x 910                         1170 x 1100                52
MH-B-JB4B-LKD                  B125                                 910 x 1490                      1100 x 1710                 52
MH-B-JB4C-LKD                  B125                                910 x 2010                       1100 x 2330                 52
Model                    Loading           Base               Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                 Height      
MH-B-250-RF        B125             Circular                250 mm                               360 mm                      35mm
MH-B-300-RF        B125             Circular                300 mm                               460 mm                      35mm
Model                 Loading          Base                    Clear Opening                  Overall Frame                  Height 
MH-B-3535         B125           Square                   300 x 300                          400 x 400                      30mm 
MH-B-4545         B125           Square                   450 x 450                          540 x 540                      27mm
MH-B-6045         B125           Square                   600 x 450                          660 x 510                      40mm
MH-B-6060          B125           Square                  600 x 600                          735 x 735                      40mm
 MH-B-VC2           B125                    Square                 765 x 728                        1050 x 937                56mm
MH-B-7272          B125           Square                  726 x 726                          864 x 864                     40mm  
MH-B-7560          B125            Square                 750 x 600                          850 x 700                     40mm
MH-B-450R-RF     B125             Circular                450 mm                               560 mm                      35mm
 MH-B-VC3          B125                    Square                 1135 x 765                       1390 x 1050              56mm
MH-B-600R-RF     B125             Circular                600 mm                               750 mm                      60 mm
MH-B-600R-SF     B125             Square                 600 mm                               750 mm                      60mm
MH-B-9090          B125            Square                 900 x 900                         1000 x 1000                  60mm
B125 Cover and Frame
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MH-B-12067        B125            Square                1220 x 675                        1320 x 775                    60mm
Hinged and Locked
Hinged and Locked